Specialists in Mangrove Ecology


Our team of skilled environmental scientists specialises in providing expertise in environmental monitoring, field investigations, and scientific reporting with a focus on mangrove environments. Our small experienced team comprises post-graduate qualified individuals who ensure the highest quality of professional work.

Professional development and ongoing education has defined our individual career paths, with Kristin completing a Masters of Tropical Environmental Management in 1998 and her PhD on mangrove biodiversity, impacts of disturbance and rehabilitation in 2007. Adam completed his Masters on the impacts of boardwalks on mangrove fauna in 2011 and will complete further tertiary training in Spatial Science at Charles Darwin University in 2023. We understand that quantitative analyses form the basis for practical, cost-effective ongoing solutions for a diverse range of environmental challenges.

At EcoScience NT, we prioritize environmental responsibility and sustainability. We collaborate with corporations and government bodies that appreciate the value of specialized environmental guidance. We adhere to national and international standards in delivering our services, enabling clients to comply with these regulations. Our client portfolio includes Santos, NT Government, INPEX Corporation, Boskalis, SLR, Seafarms, GHD, AECOM, and Jacobs.

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Mangrove Projects

EcoScience NT has been integral to the design and implementation of numerous major mangrove monitoring programs in the Northern Territory including:

inpex gas plant

Ichthys inpex LNG Project, Nearshore Environmental Monitoring Program, Mangrove Commmunity Health, 2014-2016

project sea dragon baseline mangrove monitoring

Baseline Mangrove Monitoring Program for Project Sea Dragon, Bynoe Harbour 2021-2022

Santos Darwin LNG Plant

Mangrove Monitoring Program for Santos (formerly ConocoPhillips) Darwin LNG plant, 2004 -2009, 2017- 2023

Aquaculture Project Mangrove Monitoring Program

Phelps Panizza Wild River Farmed Seafood Aquaculture Project, Mangrove Monitoring Program, 2001-2005

Channel Is rehabilitation project 2021


mangrove monitoring flora assessment program

Wickham point Immigration Accommodation Facility, Mangrove monitoring program, 2011-2014

Mangrove monitoring - installing pitfalls and carpet of death

NT Government, Weddell Baseline Environmental Survey & Mangrove Flora and Fauna monitoring program, 2011 – 2012

INPEX - GEP monitoring rehabilitation success

inpex Ichthys gas export pipeline, Monitoring of rehabilitation success, 2014 –  2016

Boskalis mangrove monitoring - mud wave

Boskalis Monitoring of Mangrove Health, Gas Export Pipeline Project, 2013 -2016

Over the last three decades, EcoScience has had the privilege of studying numerous diverse and fascinating mangrove ecosystems through consultancy projects and independent research. During these studies, our team has made significant contributions to the knowledge of mangroves, including the discovery of several new species and the expansion of existing data in biodiversity.

Research has  focussed on productivity, the impacts of disturbance and rehabilitation of mangroves.


Such information is vital to enhance our understanding and improve management of these valuable ecosystems.  By expanding our knowledge of these environments we hope to advance conservation efforts to protect them and the important ecological services they provide.

We welcome the opportunity to share our knowledge of mangrove habitats through educational activities for people of all ages. Several mangrove identification booklets suitable for primary school students are available to download via the links below (see Resources). Hover your mouse over the slideshow images (above) for scientific names.

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